Karel standing in a tundra field with a rock outcropping and mountains in the background. Wearing blue jeans and a blue T-shirt imprinted with a white antlers-donning bear labeled 'Beer.'

Karel Jan Kosman

The Bohemian Coloradan Author


The Twin is a fiction inspired by the author's life story. Born in Prague at the center of Bohemia, the ancient home of the Celtic Boii, he escaped an oppressive regime to find the love of his life in Ottawa, Canada. After a few job-related moves, they settled to raise a family in Boulder, Colorado. Karel has a Masters of Engineering degree and a spatial IQ=172 – God’s gift of imagination.

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Publishing by the Numbers: Interactive Social Science Fiction

To paraphrase an old poster, “The writer’s job is not finished until the numbers are done.”
The most important identifier a book can have is the International Standard Book Number. Without an ISBN, your social science fiction as if doesn’t exist; it will not be found in most bookstores, whether brick or online.